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New Member Info

Club Information

Each team will have an average of 2 practices per week. They will also have designated practices at the Jr. Icehogs off-ice facility. On average the teams play from Sept-February.

Maximum Games Allowed:

Mites - 35 games
Squirts-40 games
Peewees - 45 games
Bantams - 50 games
Midgets- 60 games


Each coach will decide which tournaments to participate in.

Tier II Hockey Choices Squirt-Midget

RHC is a Tier II Hockey Club and all new players to RHC must submit a Declaration Form which will be e-mailed directly to you from AHAI once your player is rostered on a team (this will happen automatically).
As a Tier II travel hockey player, your child is allowed to play for only two AHAI organizations throughout his/her Tier II travel hockey career.

The choice you have to make is:
Is Rockford Hockey Club your first or second organization choice?

For all brand new Tier II travel hockey players, we (RHC) will be your first choice. You will not be making a second choice at this time. For players that have played Tier II Travel Hockey somewhere else in Illinois, we (RHC) will be your second choice, because you would have declared your previous organization as your first choice when you registered with them for the first time.

Once you have declared two choices you are bound to these two organizations as long as your child plays Tier II travel hockey in Illinois. You may play for one club for one year, then for RHC the next year, flip-flopping back and forth if you desire. However, you will not be allowed to move to an entirely different Tier II organization. Mites- Bantams do not have a third choice unless you have specific extenuating circumstances and are willing to appeal  to AHAI Tier II committee. Midgets will be allowed 1 more choice to total 3 in their hockey career.